terça-feira, 6 de março de 2012

A Better Person

You make me feel a better person
That is the way that love is.
We don’t have to expect
We don’t have to look for
It’s exactly what it is.
Strongly that you try
Flowing that you fly.
You make me feel a better person
And that is all.
Anything is going to change
Everything is clear
Between you and me, my dear.
Growing deep,
Your body and mine fit.
We talk with our mind,
And your smell is always in my side.
You put happiness inside,
And love shine on our aura.
The only one that I saw,
Is the one that I got.
Something happened in my soul.
You make me feel a better person,
And that is all that I know.

Um comentário:

  1. Once by your side,
    From day one,
    Till the day I die,
    Always by your side.



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