terça-feira, 16 de junho de 2009

Reflexion about time...

All the time when I think
about possibilities and opportunities,
I remember how fast the time is running
and have no clue why I lost so many moments
doing things that will never bring me real conclusions.

Youngness is good to take risks, but is stupid 
in immature ways to prove
that you don't need to prove or approve.

That is life, as old as you are, the value of living 
has a strong taste and realize what you want
turns you better in front of the mirror. 

Look to yourself and ask who you are,
only you can answer and change the content of your questions.
Nobody have the power to judge the results 
of your choices but we can recreate a new season
when the sunrise comes up.

2 comentários:

  1. God bless the eternity's sunrise.
    It rises and it sets.
    Thought the darkness we have to go,
    through the miracle of sunrise we flow
    Here I leave a comment with passion
    to my baby darling that I carry with great obsession.

    Beautiful Sabrina Mata... have I said I love you today?


  2. I like it. Acttualy you need to see just for your future and waiting the best.
    Love you.


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